Our Services: Private Personal Training

One-on-one Training

Icon_Fitness-01.pngBody Balance Fitness creates an individualized, safe, effective results-driven and functional integrated fitness program. Working in a private studio, you and your personal trainer will engage in series of exercises that will focus on helping you achieve strong muscles & bones, joint mobility & stability, cardiovascular endurance, balance & coordination, functional movement, flexibility and myofascial release techniques for a personalized total body workout and lifestyle fitness program.

Body Balance offers individual, partner, and small group training. Together, we will focus on your specific, individualized goals to help promote a balanced body & maximize your fitness potential.

To begin your fitness lifestyle journey, we kindly invite you to contact us for a complimentary consultation and a tour of our facilities.

Fitness Assessments and Individualized Program Prescription

Body Balance offers comprehensive fitness assessments to assist you in designing your individualized exercise program. Your individualized results will allow us to work together in understanding your strengths, weaknesses, imbalances, your body mechanics, functional movement, and areas of improvement for your fitness goals.

The 120 minute assessment includes:

— Review of assigned paperwork & forms
— Discussion of screening & testing
— Full body circumference measurements and/or skin fold measurements
— Weigh-in (optional)
— Bioelectrical impedance testing
— Functional Movement Screening: Posture, Movement, Core, Balance & Flexibility
— Structural & Postural reading
— Cardiovascular fitness testing
— Muscular endurance & strength testing
— Flexibility testing
— Stability & Mobility screening
— Fall Prevention screening
— Balance & Coordination screening
— "Before & After" digital photosStability & Mobility screening
— Designing an individualized & personalized exercise program including home & office exercises

Reassessment (monthly) includes:

— Circumference measurements, weigh-in, bioelectrical impedance, body fat analysis, reviewing goals & discuss commitment, consistency & accountability

Reassessment (every 3 months) includes:

— Review of past comprehensive testing
— Retesting & review of past screening results
— Discuss new fitness goals
— Design a new lifestyle exercise program for the next 3 months

Individualized Program Design

— Your exercise program personally designed to use at the office, your home or on vacation. $45.00

Private Partner Training

It’s a lot more fun when you can train with a partner and it's cost-effective! Please invite a friend, a spouse, a family member or one who just wants to improve their health. We can also introduce you to a new friend and partner here at Body Balance. You and a partner will share training sessions designed to accommodate both of your goals and fitness levels

Body Balance Small Group Training (Boot Camp Classes)

Come join us in one of our innovative & integrated Boot Camp fusion classes.

Or, Can't make our regularly scheduled classes? You and your friends can create your own! We can accommodate up to 8 persons.

Senior Training Program

At Body Balance we Have vast experience providing specialized one-on-one training for older adults. We have worked with seniors of many health, ability, and fitness levels.

Our senior clients range from those who are healthy and active, to those looking to increase activity and stability, to those recovering from a stroke or other cardiac events, or managing other health events or diseases such as Alzheimer’s or cancer. We welcome clients who are independently mobile as well as those who require walkers or wheelchairs.ercise and physical activity.

When working with seniors, Body Balance trainers focus on a holistic approach addressing stability and balance, cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, mobility and proper body mechanics, and memory retention – each as is appropriate. We recognize that much of the disability, disease, and pain that we experience as we age is due more to inactivity than simply aging. We see firsthand the difference our programs make! It’s never too late to improve your health through movement.

Gift Certificates

Do you know someone that is always saying, "I really need to workout!" Help them get started with Body Balance Gift Certificates – A perfect gift to get your friends and family members started on a path to fitness and better overall health.

Our Passion is Your Wellbeing....

Fitness Rates

Private Personal Training

Fitness Assessment - $175.00
Follow-up Assessment (every 3 months) - $90.00
Single Session (30 minutes) - $50.00 / Packages Upon Request
Single Session (55 minutes) - $85.00
4-Pack Single Sessions / Monthly - $75.00 / $300.00
8-Pack Single Sessions / Monthly - $70.00 / $560.00
12-Pack Single Sessions / Monthly - $65.00 / $780.00
Personally Designed Exercise Program - $45.00

Owner/Founder - John Perez
Single Session (55 minutes) - $110.00 *Packages upon request

Private Partner Training - Doubles
Single Session - $60.00pp
4-Pack Partner Sessions / Monthly - $55.00pp / $220.00pp
8-pack Partner Sessions / Monthly - $50.00pp / $400.00pp

Semi-Private Training - Triples
Single Session - $45.00pp
4-Pack Triple Sessions / Monthly - $40.00pp / $160.00pp
8-Pack Triple Sessions / Monthly - $35.00pp / $280.00pp

Boot Camp Class - Quads+
Drop-in rate - $35.00 / per class
One month of classes (8 classes) - $160.00 / monthly

Please note:
- Sessions are 55 minutes.
- Rates are for Month-to-Month / No Rollovers
- We have a 24-hour cancellation policy.
- Rates are subject to change.
- Rate adjustments may occur for individual trainers.

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Why I love Body Balance? Body Balance has the most personable, friendly, and competent staff you can find. They conform to all your needs and desires and turn them into a reality. You cannot find a place where you feel more comfortable and glad to be there! Body Balance rocks!

— Steven

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